The Dark Knight Shooting

As if you couldn’t tell from the lack of reviews over the past month, the Dark Knight shooting in Colorado really messed with my desire to talk about movies. Film is my biggest love; so when James Holmes opened fire on that theater, it felt personal, no matter how far away the shooting happened.

I found out about it while I was on my way to my theater the next morning. I thought about turning around and going back home. But hiding would’ve made it worse. So I went to work. And everyone was acting normal. The show must go on, you know. It’s not like they can close the theater for a day. Especially that day.

“Just don’t let anyone in with a costume,” they said.

Sure. Fine. Got it.

But no one was saying what we were all thinking. The movie theater is our sanctuary. The one place where we can relax, open up emotionally, have our catharses, and then go home, sometimes a completely changed person. And for the employees, it’s so much more than that. It’s our social life, our financial support, and- if you’ve worked there long enough- something like a family. For some of us, shooting up a movie theater is like shooting up a church. It changes everything.

I tore tickets all morning and all afternoon, fielding uncomfortable questions from the guests like, “Am I going to get shot in my movie?”

And I gave fake smiles to all the douchebag frat boys who grinned at me and said, “I brought my bullet-proof vest!”

It’s not funny, guys. It’s too soon. Actually, that will never be funny. You’re an asshole.

Anyway. All of that being said, I think I might finally be ready to get back into the movie review groove. My heart isn’t in it yet, but I’ve got to start somewhere. I won’t let one psychopath ruin everything that matters to me. So hang tight while I get this thing started again. I know I missed a lot of movies. I’ll try to play catch-up, but some of them may just slip through the cracks.

Especially The Dark Knight Rises. I think I’d rather forget about that one entirely.


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